Additions made to 'People of Today 2005'

LONDON, Dec. 28 (UPI) -- Actor Jude Law, rugby star Jonny Wilkinson and rap star Ms. Dynamite have been added to Britain's Debrett's "People of Today 2005."

"People of Today" is a reference book which lists between 25,000 and 32,000 of Britain's top achievers and is the sister publication to Debrett's "Peerage," which names the British aristocracy, the Scotsman reported Tuesday.


"The public has always smirked at and reveled in the antics of the rich and vulgar, but only recently started to take it seriously," said Roddy Martine, an author and social commentator. "To be noticed, you no longer have to be brilliant, creative, or born into privilege. You just have to make a lot of noise and get on the television."

"People of Today" was developed to list the movers and shakers at the moment, so people are added and some are removed.

Gone from the latest edition are: politician, writer and talk-show host Edwina Currie; former member of All Saints, Natalie Appleton; and soccer players Paul Gascoigne, Dwight Yorke and David Seaman.

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