Iraqi businesses see hope, poll indicates

WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- Iraqi business leaders remain optimistic about their nation's economy even during extreme turmoil, pollsters said Wednesday.

The Center for International Private Enterprise released the polling data Wednesday during a Washington news conference called to discuss Iraqi business leaders' attitudes towards their economic future.


Zogby International, a global polling, market research and information service, interviewed 454 Iraqi owners or managers of small-to-medium sized businesses in Baghdad, Irbil and Hilla.

Zogby reported 69 percent of those Iraqi business leaders hold an optimistic view of the post-Saddam future, while 10 percent are pessimistic.

"Iraqi business leaders, especially Sunni Muslims and Kurds, are optimistic about future and particularly ballistic trends," said Hala Kotb, director of Zogby's International Marketing and Communications.

Although Iraqi's value foreign investment and support from the United Nations, they desire to rule themselves with clearer laws and structure, said John Sullivan, executive director of the CIPE.

"Small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs see opportunities and have the expectations that they will come to pass, this fuels optimism," Sullivan said.

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