Official expects post Arafat concessions

AMMAN, Jordan, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- A Palestinian official said Sunday he expects the successors of Yasser Arafat to make concessions to Israel on issues the late leader had refused to consider.

Central Committeeman of the Palestine Liberation Organization Asaad Abdul Rahman said Arafat, who died Nov. 11, had refused to concede on major issues he deemed "a red line that cannot be crossed."


Abdul Rahman, the PLO's former refugees minister, told United Press International that among issues that might be compromised by the new Palestinian leadership is a full Israeli withdrawal from all the Palestinian territories Israel captured in 1967, including east Jerusalem.

The right of return and compensation for Palestinian refugees who were forced to flee during the 1948 Middle East war was another "red line" by Arafat. But that issued might be compromised by the upcoming elected Palestinian leadership, he added.

Abdul Rahman said according to his information, "An active number of those inside and outside the Palestinian Authority leadership are talking about focusing on the right of compensation instead of the right of return."

The Palestinians and Arab countries hosting millions of Palestinian refugees since 1948 have insisted on implementing U.N. Security Council Resolution 194. That resolution calls for Palestinians to return to their homes and receive compensation for lost property where Israel established its state.


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