Scottish family hails release of spy paper

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Nov. 9 (UPI) -- Descendants of a Scottish nobleman are hailing the release of secret documents showing he had nothing to do with the Third Reich.

For decades it has been an article of faith that the Duke of Hamilton and a few British spies secretly tried to broker a peace deal with the Nazis through Rudolf Hess, then Adolf Hitler's deputy, the Scotsman reported Tuesday.


Much of the long-standing suspicion stems from Hess flying in 1941 to a point near the nobleman's Lanarkshire estate for what he hoped would be peace talks. However, authorities quickly arrested and imprisoned Hess.

The suspicion also stems from Hess' son's claim his father was lured to Scotland by British spies and nobles.

Recently declassified British intelligence files show the Scottish nobleman had no knowledge of Hess' intention to contact him for secret negotiations, said the duke's son, James Douglas-Hamilton.

"For 35 years I have been wanting to get my hands on these files," he said. "From the papers, it is absolutely clear that neither MI5 nor my father had any inkling Hess was involved, nor did either have any interest in peace negotiation with the Third Reich."


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