Astronaut to meet his newborn daughter

HOUSTON, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- Mike Fincke, whose daughter became the first child born to an astronaut in orbit June 18, is preparing to return to Earth and his family in Texas.

Fincke, 37, will leave the International Space Station with two cosmonauts on a Soyuz capsule that will parachute into remote Kazakhstan Saturday night and hours later will hold Tarali Paulina at a hospital in Clear Lake, Texas, the Houston Chronicle reported Thursday.


"I'm very concerned she does not know who her father is. I would really like to hold her in my hands and see her every minute of every day," Fincke said. "I'm not missing gravity. But I'm missing the sounds of the wind through the trees. I'm missing fresh fruit, walking on the beach and listening to the ocean."

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