Chicago teachers use private schools

CHICAGO, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- A whopping 38.7 percent of Chicago Public School teachers send their children to private schools, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Sunday.

Public school teachers are more likely than other parents across the country to have children enrolled in private schools, a report by the Washington D.C.-based Fordham Institute said.


CPS ranks third among the 50 largest school systems in the proportion of teacher households that send the kids to private school. In comparison, only 22.6 percent of non-teacher households in Chicago send children to private schools.

Nationwide, 21.5 percent of public school teachers send children to private schools, compared with 17.5 percent of other city-dwelling families.

However, at a similar income level, the nationwide numbers are virtually identical for teachers and all families: 19.9 percent of public school teachers making $42,000 to $84,000 use private schools, while 20.1 percent of all families in that salary range do.

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