Bulgarian nurses in special jail in Libya

SOFIA, Bulgaria, Sept. 16 (UPI) -- Five Bulgarian nurses sentenced to death in Libya have been moved to a special facility in their prison, the Trud newspaper reported Thursday.

The paper said a new apartment block had been built in the prison yard and that the nurses had been moved into it, the paper quoted Foreign Minister Solomon Passy as saying.


The nurses have complained of mistreatment, particularly from fellow inmates in the prison, an issue which the new block is designed to address.

The five nurses, along with a Palestinian doctor, have been convicted and sentenced to death by firing squad for infecting hundreds of Libyan children with the HIV virus. Rights groups say the trials were unfair and the nurses have said confessions were extracted under torture.

The case has outraged public opinion in Bulgaria.

European Commission President Romano Prodi went to Libya in early September in an attempt to get the nurses released.

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