480-pound woman dies on couch

STUART, Fla., Aug. 12 (UPI) -- A 480-pound Martin County, Fla., woman has died after rescue workers tried and failed to remove her from her couch.

After six hours of trying, rescue workers took her to the hospital, couch and all, the Palm Beach Post reported.


Gayle Grinds, 39, died shortly after she arrived at Martin Memorial Hospital South at Stuart, Fla.

Sheriff's investigators said they did not know how she could have lived in such filthy conditions without any attention from health authorities or her family.

"We're not treating her death as suspicious at this point, but we do have an investigation started because the circumstances surrounding her death are so unusual," Martin County Sheriff's Sgt. Jenell Atlas said.

"I tried to take care of her the best I could," said Herman Thomas, 54, who lived with Grinds in the apartment. "I tried to get her to get up, but it wouldn't do no good."

The cause of death of the 4-foot-10 woman was "morbid obesity" an autopsy showed.

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