DNC protestors say police are OK

BOSTON, July 29 (UPI) -- Protestors at the Democratic convention are praising the Boston police for their cooperation, the Boston Globe said Thursday.

Police have been mostly respectful towards demonstrators at the convention, Gael Murphy of Code Pink, a women's peace group, told the Globe. "Some have said, 'I'm with you,' or 'What can we say, it's a job' Some are willing to explain their perspective," she said.


"Hands down, (the Boston police) are the most good-natured of any of the five conventions I've attended as an activist," Bruce Friedrich of People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals told the paper. "Police directing traffic are giving us a thumbs-up, police guarding places where we're standing up are being sweethearts. ... This is the first time the police, to a person, have gotten the joke."

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