Saddam led anti-U.S. resistance

BEIRUT, Lebanon, July 23 (UPI) -- Iraqi Shiite leader Ahmed Chalabi said ousted President Saddam Hussein led resistance against U.S.-led coalition forces until he was captured in December.

In comments he made to the London-based Saudi daily al-Hayat, monitored in Beirut, Chalabi said documents were found with Saddam when he was captured that helped lead coalition forces to his aides in the resistance.


"The documents possessed by Saddam carried the names of the leaders of the resistance networks, including 26 senior military commanders in his Baath party," Chalabi said.

He said the networks were responsible for bombings and rocket attacks on Baghdad airport, and U.S. military centers.

Chalabi said at least nine of the resistance networks' leaders were captured in Baghdad as a result.

He said Saddam withdrew $1 billion from the central bank which he distributed among followers in various regions and none of the money was found when he was arrested.

"Saddam used to send his instructions to the resistance leaders through messengers telling them hit all collaborators with the Americans, attack government centers and sabotage bridges," Chalabi said.

He said on the day of his capture Saddam was quoted as saying, "I said I will fight the Americans and I have fought them continuously."


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