Afghanistan to compensate Chinese families

BEIJING, June 20 (UPI) -- The Afghan government said Sunday it will compensate the families of 11 Chinese victims of a terrorist attack in northern Afghanistan.

"We would compensate all those murdered in the terrorist attack in Kunduz," Afghan Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai told Chinese Ambassador Sun Yuxi at a meeting Sunday, reported Xinhua, China's main government-run news agency. The minister said $5,000 would be given in compensation for each victim.


In the June 10 attack, 11 Chinese workers were murdered and five others were injured.

"President Hamid Karzai has instructed all the concerned authorities in central as well as provincial government to ensure the protection of Chinese workers and the speedy trial of criminals behind the terrorist attack," the minister said.

Afghan authorities have so far detained 14 suspects in the attack.

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