Shaath: Suleiman in Ramallah on June 24

GAZA, June 12 (UPI) -- Palestinian Foreign Minister stated on Saturday that Egyptian Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman will visit in Israel and the Palestinian territories on June 24.

Nabil Shaath told United Press International that Suleiman's visit to the West Bank and Israel comes in line with the Egyptian efforts that aim at reviving the peace process.


Shaath said "Suleiman will convene with President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Premier Ariel Sharon and listen to their responses to the Egyptian initiative," adding "Suleiman will then head to the US."

He also revealed that Egypt intends to sponsor a fresh round of Palestinian dialogue, but said that this dialogue will first preceded by dialogue held inside the Palestinian territories among the Palestinian national and Islamic factions.

"The factions will hold talks inside the Palestinian territories and as soon as they reach an agreement, Egypt will announce the launching of a new series of talks in Cairo," Shaath explained.


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