Four hostages rescued south of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, June 8 (UPI) -- Coalition forces have rescued three Italians and a Polish citizen taken hostage in April in Iraq, a U.S. general announced Tuesday.

Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez announced the rescue in Baghdad but offered few details of the operation other than it occurred south of Baghdad.


"The hostages are under coalition forces' control and they are in good health," Sanchez said.

Rescued were Umberto Cupertino, Maurizio Agliana and Salvatore Stefio of Italy and Gerzy Kos of Poland, Sanchez said.

The men were among dozens kidnapped in a spate of violence in April and May. One of their number was executed. His killing was videotaped by his captors and shown to an Italian official.

Sanchez said the operation was a rescue. Coalition forces did not negotiate with the kidnappers. Several believed involved with the kidnapping were captured. Sanchez would not say whether there was a firefight or whether any of the alleged kidnappers was killed.

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