South Dakotans asked to pray for rain

PIERRE, S.D., May 19 (UPI) -- South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds is calling for a day of prayer for rain this Sunday because of continued drought in the Plains and western United States.

"Production in agriculture is dependent upon sufficient moisture at critical times, including spring time," Rounds said. "Even if we are getting some rain across the state, these dry conditions remain evident in our subsoil ratings."


The governor invited state residents to come together to pray for rain on May 23 in an executive proclamation.

Rounds activated the state Drought Task Force for the first time since 1988. The task force will coordinate state and federal preparations for severe drought conditions and develop a drought recovery plan.

Although the state received rainfall in recent weeks, South Dakota is in its fifth year of drought and faces wildfire dangers.

"Implementing this task force will allow us to look for resources within our agencies, to generate a united plan of action and to work together with state and federal agencies during a dought emergency or disaster," said Rounds.

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