Internet cannibal sentenced

FRANKFURT, Germany, Jan. 30 (UPI) -- A German court Friday sentenced a computer technician who killed and ate a willing victim he found through the Internet to eight-and-half years in prison.

The New York Times reported the court near Frankfurt sentenced Armin Meiwes for killing Bernd-J├╝rgen Brandes, who had responded to an Internet posting by Meiwes seeking someone willing to be "slaughtered."


The three-judge court rejected the prosecution's plea for a murder conviction and a life sentence.

"Both were looking for the ultimate kick," said the chief judge. "This was an act between two extremely disturbed people who both wanted something from each other."

The conviction on a lesser charge means Meiwes could be released in less than five years.

His lawyer Harald Ermel said he would appeal the sentence. He had argued his client was only guilty of "killing on request," an illegal form of euthanasia that carries a maximum jail term of five years.

"He will voluntarily undergo psychiatric therapy to get away from his fetish for men's flesh. I'm sure he won't do anything like this again," the lawyer told reporters.

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