Saudi prince seeks to charm U.S. audience

HOUSTON, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan praised U.S. efforts in Iraq and criticized Europe in an apparent charm offensive, the Houston Chronicle reported Saturday.

Bandar, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, drew frequent applause Friday night from an audience of Houston-area oil executives and business leaders when he spoke about the importance of U.S.-Saudi relations.


In his speech, Bandar characterized the war against terrorism as "a fight of good against evil."

"Your country and my country are on the side of good, and we will prevail," he told the more than 600 luncheon guests.

Bandar praised the United States for intervening in Europe during the two world wars.

"It took the United States to come across the Atlantic to save them from themselves," Bandar said.

The speech was sponsored by the Houston World Affairs Council and the Bilateral/U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce.

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