Russia warns of Middle East chain reaction

MOSCOW, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- A Russian senator warned Tuesday terrorists in the Middle East are using the Muslim world as the weakest link of the international security chain.

Mikhail Margelov made the comments prior to the arrival of Jordan's King Abdullah II in Moscow, the Russian news agency Novosti said.


"The important thing is to prevent a chain reaction of mutual accusations and military actions provoked by anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim rhetoric," Margelov said. "Terrorists are treating the Muslim world as the weakest link in the international security chain. They are seeking to remove the current Muslim leaders from the political spotlight and seize power."

Margelov said the authorities of Israel and Muslim countries must adopt a joint statement that says they are ready to join forces against terrorism and they condemn religious intolerance and anti-Semitism whatever form they may take.

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