U.S. troops raid to dampen uprisings

FALLUJA, Iraq, June 15 (UPI) -- American troops, tanks, planes and helicopters raided Falluja, Iraq, and at least two other cities Sunday to quell Iraqi resistance, military officials said.

No American casualties were reported, and no figures for Iraqi casualties were released, The New York Times reported.


American forces detained dozens of suspected Baath Party members in the move that was planned for days, officials told The Times. More raids could be carried out this week.

"This thing is happening all over Iraq tonight," Lt. Col. Eric Schwartz told the Times. Schwartz oversaw raids early Sunday in Falluja, just west of Baghdad. "It's a massive, coordinated effort."

In the past three weeks, ambushes on American troops north and west of Baghdad have killed 10 Americans and wounded dozens.

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