McGovern warns of future wars

MILWAUKEE, March 27 (UPI) -- Former South Dakota senator and 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern says Iraq is only the beginning.

The 80-year-old peace activist who opposed the Vietnam War told audiences in Milwaukee this week the Bush administration had plans to invade North Korea and Iran after defeating Iraq.


"Even now, these wars are being planned by the current administration. I'm positive, based on conversations with people close to the White House that plans are in place for the next invasions," McGovern said.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said McGovern would not disclose his sources during speaking engagements at the Great Decisions conference Tuesday night and at the First Unitarian Church Wednesday. His remarks were reported in Thursday's editions.

McGovern said he supported the 1991 Gulf War to drive Iraqi troops out of Kuwait but opposes the pre-emptive U.S. military action in Iraq that began last week. He said the attack had hurt America's international standing.

"This is clearly an American invasion. The chance of Iraq attacking the U.S. is about the same as attack from Mars," said McGovern, a former history professor and a decorated World War II fighter pilot. "Everybody knows Osama bin laden was the man who conceived the 9/11 attack, but by harping on this, (the Bush administration) has gradually convinced 51 percent of the American people that Saddam was behind it."


McGovern is scheduled to speak on the war and terrorism April 2 at DePaul University's Barat Campus in Lake Forest, Ill. He is currently U.N. special ambassador on World Hunger.

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