Washington Agenda-General

By United Press International  |  Feb. 12, 2003 at 3:49 PM
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TIME: All Day

EVENT: CATO INSTITUTE holds a conference on School Choice and Special Ed: Extending Choice and Opportunity to Children with Disabilities.

9 a.m. - Welcoming Remarks

David Salisbury

Director, Center for Educational Freedom, Cato Institute

9:15 a.m. - Keynote Address--"Challenges in Special Education"

Robert H. Pasternack, Assistant Secretary, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, U. S. Department of Education

9:45 a.m. - Panel 1

Problems in Special Education

Charles Hokanson, Staff Attorney, Committee on Education and the Workforce

Rose-Marie Audette, Attorney, Hogan & Hartson

Wade F. Horn, Assistant Secretary, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services

Kaleem Caire, Project Director, American Education Reform Foundation

Jay Greene, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

11:30 a.m. - Panel 2

IDEA: Why School Choice Is Important to Reform

Christina Culver, Vice President for Public Affairs, Children First America

Steve Bartlett, Commissioner, President's Commission on Special Education

Lewis M. Andrews, Executive Director, Yankee Institute

Patrick Heffernan, President, Florida CHILD

Marie Gryphon, Policy Analyst, Cato Institute

1:30 p.m. - Luncheon Address--"School Choice and IDEA Reform in 2003"

Sen. Larry Craig, R-ID

2:15 p.m. - Panel 3

State-Level Reform: The Florida Experience

Krista Kafer, Policy Analyst, Heritage Foundation

Diane McCain, Director of Public Affairs and Advocacy, Florida Department of Education

David Salisbury, Director, Center for Educational Freedom, Cato Institute

Daniel Woodring, General Counsel, Florida Department of Education

Patricia Hardman, Director, Dyslexia Research Institute

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Cato Institute, 1000 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-789-5229

WEB ADDRESS:cato.org

TIME: All Day

EVENT: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS will host its biennial Manufacturers' Week in Washington: 72 Hours to Educate and Celebrate.

AGENDA: Highlights:

10 a.m. -- Media breakfast featuring Rep. Joe Barton, Chairman of the Energy and Clean Air Subcommittee, House Energy and Commerce Committee

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Hyatt Regency -- Capitol Hill, 400 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Darren McKinney, 202-637-3093

WEB ADDRESS: nam.org

TIME: All Day


AGENDA: Highlights:

8:30 a.m. - Medicare Reform And Prescription Drugs

Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) Majority Leader, United States Senate

9:15 a.m. - State Budget Crisis And Impact On Health Care

Kevin Concannon, Commissioner, Maine Department of Human Services

10:15 a.m. - Challenges Facing Health Care Systems Around The World

Willis Goldbeck, Chair, Institute for Alternative Futures

11:15 a.m. - Homeownership & Predatory Mortgage Lending Practices

Franklin D. Raines, CEO, Fannie Mae

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Hotel Monaco, 700 F Street NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Steve Hahn Or Nancy Thompson, 202-434-2560

WEB ADDRESS: aarp.org

TIME: All Day

EVENT: COMMUNITY ANTI-DRUG COALITION holds its National Leadership Forum XIII.

AGENDA: Highlights:

5:30 pm. -- Congressional Reception

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Omni Shoreham Hotel, 2500 Calvert Street NW, Washington, D.C.

CONTACT: 202-423-9630

WEB ADDRESS: cadca.org

TIME: All Day

EVENT: AIR TRANSPORT WORLD, IN CONJUNCTION WITH GLOBAL AVIATION ASSOCIATES, LTD., will host third Annual Managing Technology and Information for Profit.

AGENDA: Highlights:

Welcome Remarks - Air Transport World

8:10 a.m. Program Introduction - Global Aviation Associates, Ltd.

8:15 a.m. Overview of Travel Trends on the Internet - Henry Harteveldt, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

8:40 a.m. Panel I - Managing the IT Budget

12:15 p.m. Luncheon Speaker - James F. Parker, Vice Chairman & CEO, Southwest Airlines

10:15 a.m. - Panel II - Customer Care and Emerging Technology

2:15 p.m. - Panel III - Product Positioning in Travel & Transportation

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Capital Hilton, 16th and K Streets NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-457-0212

WEB ADDRESS: ga2online.com

TIME: All Day


AGENDA: Highlights:

Introduction, Senior Vice President Willard A. Workman,

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Donald L. Evans, Secretary U.S. Department of Commerce

Madeleine Albright, Chairman of the National Democratic Institute

9:45 a.m. - The Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD) and its successful strategy to discredit the

Shining Path in Peru.

Finding out how market societies are created - The importance of property rights to

initiate the rule of law - Building constituencies and consensus - Changing laws -

Organizing fieldwork - Managing reform.

Hernando de Soto, President of ILD

Francis Fukuyama, Dean of Faculty, John Hopkins University.

10:05 a.m. - Economic Inclusion: Some results

John D. Sullivan, Executive Director, Center for International Private Enterprise

David de Ferranti, Vice President for Latin America, World Bank

Henri Guillen, Commission for the Formalization of Informal Property, COFOPRI, Peru

Adrián Revilla, Director, Banco del Trabajo, the most important bank for Peruvian small


John Sanbrailo, Executive Director, Pan American Development Foundation and former

USAID Mission Director in Peru.

10:30 a.m. - Social and Political Inclusion: Some results

Hernando de Soto, President of ILD

José Ugaz, Special State Attorney for Prosecuting Fujimori and Montesinos

Jaime Salinas Sedó, Peruvian Army General formerly responsible for the planning and

implementation of anti subversive activities.

Matthew Bishop, Editor of The Economist

Sally Bowen, Financial Times of London and Reuters

11:10 a.m. - Beneficiaries: Some personal accounts

Hernán Chang, former President of the Peru Drivers Federation

Hugo Huillca, General coordinator of the self-defense militias of Ayacucho which

defeated the Shining Path in central Peru.

Venancio Andrade President of the Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs of

Villa El Salvador.

Guido Lombardi, Peruvian TV anchorman and journalist-

11:45 a.m. - Some International Results

USA -- Brian Atwood¸ former Administrator, USAID El Salvador

Francisco Flores, President of El Salvador

Alfredo Cristiani, former President of El Salvador

Francisco Bertrand, former Minister of Interior Egypt

Medhat Hassanein, Minister of Finance of Egypt

Ahmed Galal, Director of the Egyptian Center of Economic Studies

Hisham Fahmy, Executive Director of AmCham Egypt

Afghanistan -- Haron Amin, Chargé de Affaires, Embassy of Afghanistan

Alan Larson, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, US Department of State.

Franklin D. Raines, Chairman, Fannie Mae

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: 1615 H Street NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-463-5682

WEB ADDRESS: uschamber.com

TIME: 8:45 a.m.

EVENT: GLOBAL BUSINESS DIALOGUE Holds a colloquium to discuss The Byrd Amendment, What's Next?

AGENDA: On January 16, the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization ruled that the Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act of 2000, The Byrd Amendment, is inconsistent with U.S. obligations in the World Trade Organization

WHO: The speakers are:

Lewis Leibowitz, Hogan and Hartson

Paul Bailey, Canadian Embassy

Kathleen Hatfield, Office of Senator Byrd

Terence Stewart, Stewart & Stewart

Petros Sourmelis, EU Delegation (Washington)

Greg Mastel, Senate Finance Committee

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Capital Hilton Hotel, 1001 16th Street (16th and K Streets), Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-43-5074

WEB ADDRESS: gbdinc.org

TIME: 9:15 a.m.

EVENT: AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE holds a conference on The Best of Both Worlds Tax, Trade, and Cowboy Capitalism in the United States and Europe.

AGENDA: Highlights:

9 a.m. -Welcoming Remarks: Christopher DeMuth, AEI

Bill Thomas, R-CA, Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee

9:30 a.m. - Panel I: Tax Competition in Europe-A Lesson for America

Eckhard Janeba, University Colorado

Chris R. Edwards, Cato Institute

Adam Lerrick, Carnegie Mellon University

Kevin Hassett, AEI

10:40 a.m. - Panel II: Opportunities in the New Europe: Does Europe Need a Dose of Cowboy Capitalism?

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, former Prime Minister of Poland

Robert D. Atkinson, vice president, Progressive Policy Institute

Alfred Berkeley, Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.

Hans H.J. Labohm, Netherlands Institute for International Relations Clingendael

James Glassman, AEI

11:50 a.m. - Panel III: U.S. and E.U.-Leaders or Laggards in Establishing Global Free Trade?

Patrick A. Messerlin, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris & director of the Groupe d'Economie Mondiale de Sciences Politiques (GEM)

Ellen Frost, Institute for International Economics

Hugo Paemen, former head of the EU delegation in Washington

Claude Barfield, AEI

1 p.m. - Max Baucus, D-MT, ranking member, Senate Finance Committee

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: 1150 17th Street NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-862-5933

WEB ADDRESS: aei.org

TIME: 9:30 a.m.

EVENT: PEW INITIATIVE ON FOOD AND BIOTECHNOLOGY will host a policy dialogue to engage American thought leaders on the potential U.S. suit in the World Trade Organization against Europe over genetically modified crops.

WHO: The speakers are:

Julia A. Moore, public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Christopher Padilla, Assistant United States Trade Representative for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison

Clyde Prestowitz, president and founder of the Economic Strategy Institute and counselor to the Secretary of Commerce in the Reagan Administration

Bob Stallman, President, American Farm Bureau Federation

Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent for PBS' NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and author, The Old Neighborhood: What We Lost in the Great Suburban Migration: 1966-1999

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-347-9044 ext. 246

WEB ADDRESS: pewagbiotech.org

TIME: 10 a.m.

EVENT: CITIES FOR PEACE holds a news conference followed by a walk to the White House.

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-246-5303

WEB ADDRESS: citiesforpeace.org

TIME: 10:15 a.m.

EVENT: REP. HEALTHER WILSON R-NM, holds a news conference to release a report on U.S. Nuclear weapons policy.

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: H-133 U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-225-6317

WEB ADDRESS: house.gov/Wilson

TIME: 11 a.m.

EVENT: PUBLIC CITZEN holds a news conference releasing a new report showing how seniors will be hurt by a Bush administration proposal that would force them to join HMOs and PPOs to receive prescription drug coverage. The Public Citizen report examines government and private sector research finding that health care coverage now offered to more than 4 million Medicare beneficiaries by private insurers is unreliable, inefficient and confusing.

WHO: The speakers are:

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), leader of the Senate Prescription Drug Task Force

Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.)

Frank Clemente, director, Public Citizen's Congress Watch

Barbara B. Kennelly, president, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Marilyn Moon, senior fellow, Urban Institute and former Medicare trustee

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Room 124, Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Ben Peck, 202-454-5155; Dennis Jaffe, 202-454-5136

WEB ADDRESS: citizen.org

TIME: 11 a.m.

EVENT: COALTION FOR ADOLESCENT SEXUAL HEALTH holds a news conference to release a poll on parental attitudes on comprehensive vs. abstinence-centered sex education.

WHO: The speakers are:

Rep. Dave Weldon, R-FL

Dr. Wade Horn assistant secretary for children and Families

Dr. bill Maier, Focus on Family

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: 2225 Rayburn Office Building, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-393-2100

WEB ADDRESS: whatparentsthink.com

TIME: 11:30 a.m.


AGENDA: Highlights:

12 noon - Welcoming Comments

David O. Hansen, President, AIARD

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-OH, Ranking Democratic Member, Subcommittee on Agriculture, House Appropriations Committee

12:20 p.m. - Grassroots Support for Alleviating Hunger

J.B. Roberts, Chairman, Rotary International

12:30 p.m. - Revitalizing USAID's Agricultural Development Agenda: A Win-Win Proposition

Andrew Natsios, Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development

12:45 p.m. - Trade, Development and Food Security: A Win-Win Agenda for the Global Economy

Gary C. Martin, President and CEO, North American Export Grain Association

1 p.m. - The USDA and World Food Security: Building a Win-Win Agenda for Today's World

Dr. Rodney Brown, Deputy Under Secretary, REE, U.S. Department of Agriculture

1:15 p.m. - Summary, Questions and the Way Forward

David O. Hansen, President, AIARD

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Caucus Room, Cannon Office Building, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Sue Schram, 202-879-0600

WEB ADDRESS: acdivoca.org

TIME: 11 a.m.

EVENT: CENTER ON BUDGET AND POLICY PRIORITIES will hold a conference call briefing to discuss the latest in the policy debate over reauthorization of the Temporary Assistance to Needy

Families program, which the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on this Thursday, February 13.

WHO: The speakers are:

Sharon Parrott, Director, Welfare Reform and Income Support Division, CBPP

David Ellwood, Prof., Political Economy

Harvard and former Assistant Secretary of HHS (Wed. only)

Mark Greenberg, Director of Policy, Center for Law and Social Policy (Thurs. only)

Gordon Berlin, Senior Vice President, Manpower Demonstration Research Corp. (Thurs. only)

DATE: February 13, 2003

CONTACT: Michelle Bazie, 202-408-1080.

WEB ADDRESS: cbpp.org

TIME: 12 noon

EVENT: CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE holds a luncheon program on Chechnya: Is Peace Possible featuring Sergey Kovalev an outspoken critic of the Russian military action in Chechnya and one of Russia's leading advocates of human rights. He has served as chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Russian Supreme Council and of the Presidential Human Rights Commission.

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: CEIP, 1779 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-483-7600

WEB ADDRESS: ceip.org

TIME: 12 noon

EVENT: CIRCLE FOR INFORMATION AND RESEARCH ON CIVIC LEARNING AND ENGAGEMENT holds a luncheon program to release and discuss a comprehensive set of recommendations for improving the nation's civic education programs in elementary and secondary schools.

WHO: The speakers are:

William A. Galston -- Director, CIRCLE

Vartan Gregorian -- President, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Rebecca W. Rimel -- President, The Pew Charitable Trusts

John Bridgeland, Executive Director, USA Freedom Corps

Peter Levine, Deputy Director, CIRCLE

Cynthia Gibson, Program Officer, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Terry Pickeral, Executive Director, The Center for Learning and Citizenship, Education Commission of the States

Irasema Salcido, Principal, Cesar Chavez Charter High School

Matthew Spalding, Director, American Studies, The Heritage Foundation

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Willard Intercontinental Hotel, 401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Brian Faith, 202-667-0901

WEB ADDRESS: civicyouth.org

TIME: 12 noon

EVENT: HERITAGE FOUNDATION holds a program on First Among Equals: The Supreme Court in American Life

featuring author Kenneth W. Starr.

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: 214 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-675-1752

WEB ADDRESS: heritage.org

TIME: 12 noon

EVENT: NATIONAL ECONOMIST CLUB presents National Capital Chapter-National Assn. For Business Economics (NCC-NABE): Tim O'Neill, President of NABE, Executive, VP/Chief Economist, BMO Financial Group, and Chief Economist, Harris Bank, discussing "The US and Canadian Economies--Linked but not in Sync."

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Chinatown Garden, 618 H St., NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 703-739-9404

WEB ADDRESS: national-economists.org

TIME: 1 p.m.

EVENT: CENTER FOR STRATEGIC AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES presents Sen John McCain delivering a speech on the failure of containment and the need for regime change in Iraq.

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: 1800 K Street NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Mark Schoeff, 202-775-3242

WEB ADDRESS: csis.org

TIME: 1:30 p.m.

EVENT: ARAB AMERICAN INSTITUTE AND REP. RUSH HOLT hold a news conference to discuss the introduction of a private relief bill to grant green cards to the wife and four daughters of 911-victim Waqar Hasan. When Waqar died, his family's visas died with him. All other legal remedies to keep the family in the United States have been exhausted.

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Cannon House Office Building Room #402, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-429-9210 x21

WEB ADDRESS: aaiusa.org

TIME: 2 p.m.

EVENT: BROOKINGS INSTITUTION holds a briefing on "Iraq Confrontation Splits the Allies."

WHO: The speakers are:

Amatzia Baram, Visiting Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings


Philip H. Gordon, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, and Director, Center on the

United States and France, The Brookings Institution

Michael E. O'hanlon, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, and the Sydney Stein Jr. Chair,

The Brookings Institution

James B. Steinberg, Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy Studies, The Brookings


DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: Falk Auditorium, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-797-6105

WEB ADDRESS: brookings.edu

TIME: 3 p.m.

EVENT: WOODROW WILSON CENTER holds a program on Corporate Culture Shock: The Changing Culture of Japanese Business.

WHO: The speakers are:

Gary Saxonhouse, Professor of Economics, University of Michigan

Yoshito Hori, Chairman and CEO, Globis Group and Apax Globis Partners & Co

William Farrell, Chairman and CEO, Dynamic Strategies Asia

Naomi Moriyama, President, Digital Powerhouse

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: One Woodrow Wilson Plaza, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-287-3400

WEB ADDRESS: wwics.edu

TIME: 5 p.m.

EVENT: CENTER FOR STRATEGIC AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES presents a roundtable to discuss a book on Life in Government, Public Policy entitled "Policy Passages: Career Options for Policy Wonks."

WHO: The speakers are:

Howard Wiarda, professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Senior Associate, CSIS

Norman Ornstein, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Lowell Fleischer, Senior Associate, CSIS Americas Program

Margaret Daly Hayes, Director of the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, Department of Defense

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: 1800 K Street NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Mark Schoeff, 202-775-3242

WEB ADDRESS: csis.org

TIME: 5 p.m.

EVENT: NEW AMERICA FOUNDATION holds a reception for Walter Russell Mead, Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations to celebrate his winning of the Loinel Gelber Prize for his book Special Providence: American Foreign Policy and How It Changed the World

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: 1630 Connecticut Ave., NW, 7th Floor, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Jud Mathews, 202-986-4901

WEB ADDRESS: newamerica.net

TIME: 6 p.m.

EVENT: KENNEDY CENTER MILLENIUM STAGE features Jazz and the New Generation an award-winning group of high school and college jazz musicians assembled by Dr. Billy Taylor perform their own works.

DATE: February 13, 2003

LOCATION: 2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-416-8000

WEB ADDRESS: kennedy-center.org

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