Buyer wins Indiana 4th

INDIANAPOLIS, May 7 (UPI) -- Five-term Rep. Steve Buyer, R-Ind., on Tuesday captured the Republican nomination in Indiana's redrawn 4th Congressional District, defeating Brian Kerns whose district was dismantled as the state lost one of its 10 seats in the House in the 2002 Census.

Buyer built up a more than a 2-to-1 margin over Kerns, with the other four candidates accumulating just minimal totals.


Kerns conceded about 8 p.m. EDT.

"He put everything together, and I think in the end he earned his victory," Kerns said.

The race is only one of five in the country where incumbents faced each other. Buyer is expected to win easily in November. There was no Democratic primary in the district.

In other races:

-- Chris Chocola won the Republican nomination over F. Lewis Hass while Jill Long Thompson piled up a substantial lead over four opponents on the Democratic side. Incumbent Tim Roemer, D-Ind., did not seek re-election.

-- In the 3rd Congressional District, incumbent Mark Souder appeared headed for victory over former Fort Wayne Mayor Paul Helmke in the Republican primary.

-- In the 5th Congressional District, incumbent Dan Burton handily defeated Thomas George Holland for the Republican nomination. On the Democratic side Fox Katherine Carr appeared headed for victory over three opponents.


-- In the 8th Congressional District, L. Bryan Hartke defeated Michael Graf for the Democratic nomination. Republican N. John Hostettler ran without opposition.

-- In the 9th Congressional District, incumbent Democrat P. Baron Hill ran without opposition. Mike Sodrel appeared headed for victory in the Republican contest.

-- No returns were available in the 1st, where Democrat Peter Visclosky is seeking renomination, or in the 7th, where Democrat Julia Carson is seeking renomination.

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