Handbook App, the Easiest Way to Attract New Clients

In an ever growing market, both in terms of size and competition, it is important to have access to the right tools in order to raise the chances of being successful. In the business world, this is translated in the number of clients a company or product can reach.


Reaching clientele is not always easy, as there are many steps and landmarks to be covered. However, the technological world and, mainly, the Internet, made this task much lighter, providing an easy and fast mechanism to reach clients - even clients that would, otherwise, be hard to reach.

A great example on how technology and the Internet can help businesses to thrive is brought by Handbook. This is a very interesting mobile app which is being launched in the United States, freely available for all three major mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows. It does, however, require users to sign up for an account on their website.

Handbook is a secure mobile document manager and presentation tool very useful for entrepreneurs, small businesses and salespeople, as it allows them to organize documents in several media types under a simple fashion and, then, share and present that information both online and offline. There are other competitors in this same niche, like SharePad or ShowPad, but none of them comes even close to what the Handbook suite can offer, especially for a selling-focused activity.

This app consists of two parts. First, there is the Handbook Studio, a browser based application which allows users to upload and manage content, and then Handbook Viewer, the mobile app used to display and present content to potential clients or vice vera. The way in which this content is presented brings a whole different approach to sales, helping salesmen to easily reach their clients and doing so in a very intuitive and user-friendly way.

The Handbook Viewer app is really intuitive to use and does not present a learning curve at all, making it perfect for all kinds of users. The design, clean and straight forward, also helps to make it clean to the eye and to keep its simplicity.

It offers several interesting functionalities: some examples are PDF annotation; support for animated and dynamic HTML5 content; support for Microsoft Office, iWork, images, videos and files; creating surveys and quizzes, with built-in questionnaire function; the ability to share content with limited amounts of users, based on groups, content kind and time-based access; and more.

All these features and functionalities allow sales professionals to create and more engaging and effective presentations using their mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets. It also allows for the target audience to view that same presentations on their own devices, wherever they are online or offline. Also, the analytics functionality allows businesses to better perceive the usage patterns of their Handbooks, which in turn will allow for them to pinpoint what is wrong and improve it.

Even though the Handbook system is not free to use its pricing is actually not that high, which allows for all kinds of businesses to be able to use it. This app offers the tools to raise sales to their full potential by engaging with customers more closely and in a "controlled" environment, making it perfect to boost those sales and help businesses to thrive and prosper.

Here's some of Handbook's notable customers (to name a few):  

This post written by Diogo Costa, a blogger for KnowTechie

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