'Stranger Things' coming to Halloween Horror Nights

By Wade Sheridan

April 3 (UPI) -- Netflix's Stranger Things is headed to Universal Studios' annual Halloween Horror Nights event that features haunted houses depicting scary movies and TV shows.

A haunted house depicting events from Season 1 of the supernatural series will have theme park guests walking through the Hawkins National Laboratory, where series star Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was experimented on. The house will include a section representing the Upside Down. The monstrous Demogorgon will also be present and on the hunt.


A teaser trailer for Stranger Things' inclusion in Halloween Horror Nights was released Tuesday and features the entrance to Universal Studios and how it would look in the Upside Down.

"Get your waffles ready," Universal Studios said in a statement, referencing Eleven's favorite food. "We're very excited to be working closely with Netflix - to give our guests an immersive experience into the Stranger Things world by recreating some of the show's most iconic scenes, 80's settings, and most loved characters."

The Stranger Things haunted house will be at Universal Studio locations in Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore.


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