Los Angeles Rams reveal new uniforms for 2020 season

May 13 (UPI) -- The Los Angeles Rams on Wednesday unveiled their rebranded uniforms ahead of their move into SoFi Stadium this year.

Two of the Rams' three new uniforms have some similarities to the franchise's royal blue and yellow uniform worn from 1973-99. The Rams' new look consists of a blue jersey featuring yellow gradient numbering, with interchangeable blue or yellow bottoms.


The team's third outfit was a shade called "bone," an off-white tone that includes more gray than standard white. According to The Athletic, the Rams needed permission from the NFL to wear the off-white uniform. The "bone" color has never been used by an NFL franchise before.

The Rams' new helmet features royal blue and yellow colors and a metallic finish, including a gradient yellow horn and blue face mask.

The new uniforms come as the franchise prepares to begin the 2020 season against the Dallas Cowboys at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. Rams owner Stan Kroenke funded the $5 billion project.

"SoFi Stadium is an iconic, transformative stadium that encouraged us to design uniforms as innovative as our new home," Rams COO Kevin Demoff said in a statement. "Our new uniforms preserve the storied legacy of the Rams with the horns at the heart of the design, while introducing vibrant colors and groundbreaking materials.


"We are proud to unveil a modern look for our players to wear as we begin this exciting new era for the Los Angeles Rams."

The Rams revealed updated colors and logos in March, moving on from their old colors of navy blue, light gold and white. The team originally adopted that color scheme in 2000 in St. Louis.

The Rams' new uniforms were met with mixed reviews, including another negative response from former Rams star running back Eric Dickerson. Earlier this off-season, he expressed his disapproval of the team's updated logo.

On Wednesday, Dickerson continued to voice his displeasure with the rebranding by calling the Rams' new uniforms "soft."

"I looked at them real hard [Tuesday] night and this morning," Dickerson told AM 570 LA Sports Radio. "... They really took away from the Rams uniforms and it looks almost like a [Los Angeles] Chargers logo. It looks like two bananas is what it looks like.


"... This is football. This doesn't have anything to do with surfing. This doesn't have anything to do with waves. This is football. This is a man's sport, and to me it just looks soft."

The Rams haven't designated a home or away jersey, according to Demoff. The team also teased two additional uniforms that are scheduled to be unveiled in 2021 and 2022.

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