Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson oppose NFL labor agreement

Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson oppose NFL labor agreement
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers voted against the terms of the newly-proposed collective bargaining agreement Tuesday, but the agreement will go onto a full player vote.  Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/UPI | License Photo

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 27 (UPI) -- Star quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers are among the NFL players opposed to the new proposed collective bargaining agreement between the league's players and owners.

Representatives from the league's 32 teams agreed to the terms of the agreement Tuesday in Indianapolis, passing it on for a vote to all NFL players.


Those 2,000 players are expected to vote on the proposal in the next few weeks. A majority vote would secure the new agreement through the 2030 season.

Rodgers is one of 32 National Football League Players Association team representatives. Those players voted 17-14-1 to forward the proposal to the rest of the league.

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The terms of the proposed agreement include increasing the regular-season schedule to 17 games from 16; expanding the number of teams and games in the playoffs; increasing the size of practice squads and rosters; increasing the rate for the minimum player salary, and increasing the players' revenue share.


Some proposed changes would impact the league immediately, while others -- including the 17-game schedule -- would not take effect until after the 2021 season.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Wilson, in voicing his displeasure, tweeted "The NBA and MLB are doing it right," referring to labor agreements in other leagues. "Players come first. All NFL players deserve the same [benefits]. We should not rush the next 10 years for today's satisfaction. I vote no."

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Players association president Eric Winston disagreed with Wilson's stance that the agreement is being rushed. Winston also said he would be happy to talk to any player about the terms of the agreement.

"No one is rushing into anything," Winston tweeted. "We have spent the last 300 days listening to our guys and negotiating this deal. The proposal will be sent to all players, and if somebody doesn't like the terms once they've seen the entire package, I understand. That's why every player gets a vote on it and every vote counts."

Rodgers posted a long explanation for his dissenting vote Wednesday on Twitter.

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"I voted no last night [Tuesday]," the Green Bay Packers star wrote. "My decision to vote no is based off of the conversations I have had with the men in my locker room that I'm tasked to represent.


"This deal will affect every player that ever plays this game and we have made this decision with only an abbreviated version of the deal and that isn't good enough.

"Although I do see that there are many good things in the proposal that improve the lives and care for past, present and future NFL players, there are issues with others."

Wilson's teammate, K.J. Wright, is the Seattle Seahawks' union representative. Wright has not disclosed how he voted Tuesday.

"Health and wellness of our men is always the most important aspect," San Francisco 49ers star Richard Sherman tweeted Wednesday. "There is no price you can put on that and that is why I voted no. I respect the men that have been part of this discussion and stood up for their locker rooms."

Several other NFL players also indicated they plan to vote no on the terms of the agreement, including Stefon Diggs, Marlon Humphrey and Tyrann Mathieu.

The current collective bargaining agreement expires in March 2021.

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