Ryan Fitzpatrick outplays Josh Rosen at Miami Dolphins minicamp

By Alex Butler
Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen (L) and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (R) are competing for a chance to be the Miami Dolphins' starting quarterback in 2019. Photo <a href="">courtesy of the Miami Dolphins</a>
Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen (L) and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (R) are competing for a chance to be the Miami Dolphins' starting quarterback in 2019. Photo courtesy of the Miami Dolphins

DAVIE, June 5 (UPI) -- Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to outperform Josh Rosen in the Miami Dolphins' quarterback competition, with his latest showing including a three touchdown day at mandatory minicamp.

Both quarterbacks took the field at a practice session closed to the public, but available to the media, on Wednesday at the team's training facility in Davie, Fla. The newest edition of the duel came after coach Brian Flores addressed reporters, saying that "everything counts" when it comes to the competition.


Flores said the team will not put most of the weight of the battle into preseason games, increasing the significance of the quarterback performances in OTAs, minicamp and training camp.

"It's so early that until we really get into the nitty-gritty of training camp and the preseason, it's just too early to say 'This guy is a starter,' or 'That guy is a starter.' That's my opinion on it," Flores said. "I think both guys are working. First team, second team, I think I don't put too much stock into that.


"Everybody is working. The install is the install so we're working everybody on the same plays, the same defense and the same stuff in the kicking game. It's about execution. It's about fundamentals, technique, and if you do those things and you progress, then we'll see where guys fall."

Fitzpatrick worked with the Dolphins' first-team offense, while Rosen worked with the second-team offense. Rosen also threw for three touchdowns, but had an interception.

Fitzpatrick had touchdowns of 74, 70 and 65 yards and completed 75 percent of his throws during his prolific showing. Rosen threw shorter touchdown passes and completed 62 percent of his tosses during the session.

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Rosen saw Fitzpatrick's two touchdown throws to DeVante Parker and his tipped touchdown toss to Trenton Irwin. He noticed the stellar performance from his counterpart, but is focussing more on himself and becoming a better quarterback.

"I'm competing but it's not really a competition right now with how I'm thinking about it," Rosen said. "I'm just trying to think, whatever he does well, I'm just trying to think about why he did it and emulate it and continue to add another flavor to it."

"The real competition starts in training camp."


Flores said the decision regarding the team's Week 1 starter will be a group effort. Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, the personnel staff and the coaching staff will work with Flores in making the final choice.

Fitzpatrick also looked sharper than Rosen in OTAs and during the first day of mandatory minicamp. The Dolphins wrap up minicamp Thursday.

"There are a lot of things we will face, a lot more adversity during the season and in actual games," Fitzpatrick said. "I think as a team and as an offense, even me as a quarterback, I think we all made progress in the right direction but our work is not done."

He said it's important to learn that everything matters, including drills on the sideline conducted by Dolphins assistant coach Jim Caldwell. He has been working on attention to detail.

"I come out here and do the best I can every single day," Fitzpatrick said. "I know I'm a perfectionist. I know today wasn't perfect. There is already stuff on my mind I have to talk to coaches and players about and have to work on myself. Still have a long way to go."

Fitzpatrick joined the Dolphins in free agency a month before the 2019 NFL Draft. The Arizona Cardinals traded Rosen to the Dolphins on the second day of the draft.


Rosen conceded that he has had "up and down" days so far with the Dolphins, but feels like he is improving on a daily basis. The second-year quarterback will workout in Los Angeles on the UCLA campus before the Dolphins head to training camp. Rosen said he plans to arrive to camp early.

"I really haven't had many expectations," Rosen said. "I just try to go out and play. One of my favorite phrases is 'if you set no expectations, you'll never be disappointed.' I think I kinda just have a daily standard I want to hold myself to with just how good I feel like I am and how I should be but expectations are kinda arbitrary."

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