Tony Romo: CBS broadcaster predicts future plays, tells Bill Belichick secrets

By Alex Butler  |  Sept. 18, 2017 at 10:09 AM
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Sept. 18 (UPI) -- Last week, viewers were amazed at Tony Romo's ability to predict playcalls in real-time. On Sunday, the CBS broadcaster was up to it again.

Romo was in the booth for the New England Patriots' 36-20 win against the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints had the ball on the six-yard-line for a third and four at 11:56 in the second quarter. As Saints quarterback Drew Brees was about to take the snap, Romo shouted out what the play would be.

"It's a fade inside to 16," Romo said.

Brees took his steps and released the ball to his left, throwing the pass to No. 16 Brandon Coleman for a touchdown.

"It's a fade by Coleman on the inside. And whenever I see a tight end on the outside in a cut/split and you've got a big receiver inside the five, you are going to see some sort of a fade route by that inside receiver. Just a good throw/catch. That's a coach getting a guy open with his game planning all night. You love that."

Romo did his first regular season gig last week with Jim Nance. He covered the Oakland Raiders' win against the Tennessee Titans.

"Jim, I've got $5 that this is a run to the left," Romo said.

"This ball's going to [Marshawn] Lynch," Romo said later in the game.

Romo also called some blitzes last week. All of the predictions were accurate.

On Sunday, Romo also explained how Patriots coach Bill Belichick messes with future opponents with play calling.

"This is what makes Bill Belichick special," Romo said with five minutes remaining in the game. "Ok, we are in this production meeting. Sean Payton says we are trying to find tendencies. All of our analytics. See these five guys right here that are going to rush the quarterback? They love to drop two of those guys out, all the time."

"But Belichick says 'hey you know what? We're [winning] this game, I'm gonna rush all five. You know why? Analytics.' When they go through next week, they are going to all want to say: 'what percentage do they play man and rush five? He just added to that number right there by blitzing five guys and showing the people, hey '50 percent of the time he does this. 50 percent of the time he does this.' You never get a beat on what he's going to do. He throws away little stuff like that to just make your analytics get thrown off. It's really smart."

Dallas CBS 11's Bill Jones ran a Twitter poll Sunday to see what viewers thought of Romo. More than 44,000 voters participated in the poll, with 91 percent saying they liked Romo's analysis on CBS. Just 3 percent said they didn't like it while 6 percent of the voters haven't decided.

Romo joined CBS in April. He is expected to be in the booth again in Week 3 for the Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers game at 4:25 p.m. Sunday at Lambeau Field.

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