New England Patriots: Survey shows fans are 'least dateable' in NFL

By Alex Butler  |  Updated Aug. 17, 2017 at 12:38 PM
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Aug. 17 (UPI) -- A new study shows which NFL teams have the least and most dateable fans.

The team at Fanatics surveyed more than 2,900 fans, with at least 30 from each team, to find the interesting statistic.

New England Patriots fans were determined as the "least dateable" group. On average, 17.14 percent of respondents said they would not consider dating Patriots fans. Los Angeles Rams fans received the least amount of undateable votes at 2.08 percent, according to the study.

The Dallas Cowboys have the second least dateable fan base, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons.

Detroit Lions fans are the second most dateable group, followed by the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Chargers.

According to the study, Baltimore Ravens fans are the least likely group to date rival fans, with 50 percent of them saying they wouldn't date a Steelers fan. More than 45 percent of Chicago Bears fans wouldn't date Packers fans while more than 44 percent of Houston Texans fans wouldn't date a Cowboys diehard. More than 43 percent of Rams fans wouldn't date a San Francisco 49ers supporter while 42 percent of Ravens fans wouldn't date a Patriots fans.

When it came to religious views, 68 percent of Philadelphia Eagles fans said they would rather date someone of the same fandom than same religion. More than 62 percent of Jacksonville Jaguars fans would rather date someone of the same fan base than same religion. Most Indianapolis Colts fans, Steelers fans, Buffalo Bills fans, Cardinals fans, Denver Broncos fans and Rams fans surveyed said they would also rather date someone who shares their fandom over their faith.

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When celibacy entered the question, the Ravens landed on top. About 24 percent of Ravens fans surveyed said they would rather give up sex for a year than date a fan from a rival team. More than 21 percent of Bears fans agreed, while 20 percent of fans for the Texans, 19.6 percent from the Bills and 16.3 precent from the Atlanta Falcons concurred.

Bills fans were the most likely (29.4 percent) to switch political parties instead of dating a rival fan. Houston Texans fans (26.7), Rams (25), Falcons (23.5) and Dolphins fans (21.3) rounded out the top-5 in that partisan population.

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