Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr celebrates mega-deal with 50-yard sprints

By Alex Butler

June 24 (UPI) -- Former NFL quarterback David Carr shot a video of his brother Derek Carr working out, right after he signed his new deal with the Oakland Raiders.

David Carr, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, was riding around in a skate park, when he panned his camera over toward his brother.


"I'm just over here spinning my wheels on my bike," David Carr said. "This dude is over here, just signed a $125 million contract. Kids, you want to know what it takes? It's 105 degrees out here. That's his 18th 50. He's got 20."

The Raiders gunslinger was sweating it out, sprinting in the grass. Last week, Carr also posted a video of a workout in a gym.

Carr officially signed his five-year, $125 million extension on Friday. It includes $70 million guaranteed and $40 million guaranteed at signing.

He is now the highest-paid player in the NFL. Carr said at his Friday press conference that he didn't "take every single dime" that he could have, in order for the franchise to have room to sign other players.

"The main thing that I could just remember was all along the way, I was like, 'How do we keep my teammates?' That's, I don't know if it's weird how it sounds, but that was just what I kept telling him," Carr said Friday, according to

"I was like, 'OK that's cool. Yeah that's awesome, wow, cool. Is this good for Gabe [Jackson]? Is this good for Khalil [Mack]? Is this good for Amari [Cooper]?' He can tell you himself, these are things that I said to him numerous amounts of times. I didn't want to hurt our team; that's the last thing I would ever want to do. So, hopefully we didn't. (laughter) That's the last thing that I intended to do and that's kind of why I was so involved."

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Carr, 26, was an NFL MVP candidate last season before breaking his leg in Week 16.

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