Aaron Rodgers gets in Twitter tirade with 'Happy Gilmore's' Shooter McGavin

By Alex Butler  |  April 21, 2017 at 10:25 AM
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April 21 (UPI) -- Aaron Rodgers battled Shooter McGavin in a Twitter spat for more than two hours.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback recently acknowledged toning down his golf game this offseason in order to focus on football.

McGavin, the nemesis of Adam Sandler's character in the 1996 movie Happy Gilmore, doesn't like the move.

"Rodgers, you know playing golf is a great way to stay in shape? I remember I once ran 3 miles during a round of golf in '96," McGavin's unofficial Twitter account tweeted to Rodgers.

"How much of a workout could it have been if you got caught by that guy? #alternativefacts #futurechamp #NationalParksWeek," Rodgers responded.

Christopher McDonald played McGavin's character in the movie. Rodgers was referring to the scene in the movie when 7-foot-2-inch actor Richard Kiel threatened and chased down McGavin, while playing the character Mr. Larson.

"Larson being slow is fake news," McGavin wrote. "The guy should have been in the NFL chasing quarterbacks and not on golf courses chasing innocent golfers."

"Innocent? You had Gilmore run over in the final round and still couldn't beat him," Rodgers responded. "Also you took out Gilmore's coach Chubbs. #whistleblower."

Chubbs dies in the movie after Happy gives him a gift. After he opens the box, he sees the head of the alligator that bit off his hand. He tragically falls out of a nearby window while screaming in fear.

"To insinuate I had anything to do with that minor incident is a joke," McGavin tweeted. "Though, I do applaud that fan for confronting Happy in a civil manner."

"Minor incident? The two bikers in the woods was a minor incident that you used as an excuse for poor play. #CityOfPortlandHatesYou #Comedy," Rodgers responded.

"Sure Rodgers. You try passing to Jordy Nelson with two bikers having sex on the sidelines and let me know how that goes. #ChicagoHatesYou," McGavin tweeted.

"It's called focus Shooter," Rodgers said. "Like the focus Happy showed on the 18th when the tower fell. Like the focus Happy had when he dropped Bob Barker."

"Focus? I think you meant to say Luck. The only thing Happy focused on was disgracing the game of golf. Barker won that fight too. #snackbar," McGavin tweeted.

Legendary gameshow host Bob Barker gets into a fistfight with Happy in the movie after Barker disses Gilmore's golf and hockey skills.

"Happy tried to help Bob up, Bob cheapshotted him. You tried to hit on Virginia, she chose Happy. You went for Grandma. #facts #RIPChubbs," Rodgers tweeted.

"Memory refresher for @AaronRodgers12," McGavin tweeted.

"That clip is obliviously doctored. #fakenews U passed up a free meal from an attempted murderer hired by you. U are what u eat for breakfast," Rodgers wrote.

"The only thing doctored was that meeting. He wanted to meet Gilmore and I told him where they could meet. I had no idea he'd run him over," McGavin wrote.

"Do we have a problem? I've got Larson on call, he wants 2 just have a "meeting" with u. Btw Chubbs is dating Grandma in Heaven. U lose again," Rodgers wrote.

Rodgers had a Twitter poll on Thursday in which he asked who won the debate. He won the poll with 54 percent of the vote, edging out Chubbs, Shooter and Bob Barker.

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