Washington Redskins fan Dale Earnhardt Jr. sad about driving Philadelphia Eagles race car

By Alex Butler
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a longtime Washington Redskins supporter. (Dale Earnhardt Jr./Twitter)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a longtime Washington Redskins supporter. (Dale Earnhardt Jr./Twitter)

April 5 (UPI) -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. knew he had some explaining to do Wednesday when it was announced he was driving a Philadelphia Eagles themed race car.

The noted Washington Redskins fan took to social media after the announcement was made in an effort to sort things out. Earnhardt Jr. had a somber look on his face when he explained exactly why he made the move.


"We just announced today that we are driving a Philadelphia Eagles paint scheme at the Pocono race," Earnhardt Jr. said. "For Axalta. I'm really sad about that. Being a Redskins fan, it was very hard to wrap my brain around it. But what I am happy about is helping them promote the All-Pro Teachers charity and organization that the Philadelphia Eagles have, where they basically acknowledge teachers that are really great teachers...put their kids first and really excel in the classroom and outside the classroom as well. It has a really cool angle to it. So that's a good thing obviously."

"#allproteachers is the hashtag they are using on social media. I went online to the Philadelphia Eagles' website and looked at that a little bit."

Earnhardt Jr. made a plea to the Redskins faithful to forgive him for the move.

"I hope that my Redskins pals, all the fandom that I'm a part of, I hope you guys don't disown me. Anyways HTTR...Hail to the Redskins."

"I know it probably shocked a few of my fellow Redskins fans. It seems like it made some of the eagles folks happy."

Axalta posted a photo on social media with the Eagles mascot holding a photo of Earnhardt's new ride.

"I had to explain myself though, how a Redskins fan is going to drive an Eagles car," Earnhardt said.

A Twitter conversation later ensued with Earnhardt, the Eagles, and the Redskins all joining in.

Earnhardt is set to race the No. 88 at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend in the O'Reilly Auto Parts 500. He'll use the car with the Eagles scheme in June at the Pocono 400 at Pocono Raceway.

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