Watch: Oakland Raiders fan makes 'Mark Davis' jersey, sets it on fire

By Alex Butler
Watch: Oakland Raiders fan makes 'Mark Davis' jersey, sets it on fire
Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis walks on the field prior to the Raiders playing the St. Louis Rams in a pre-season game at Coliseum in Oakland, California on August 14, 2015. Photo by Terry Schmitt/UPI | License Photo

March 30 (UPI) -- It's not LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach, but Oakland Raiders fans are understandably upset about the team's move to Las Vegas.

One fan is so miffed that he decided to make a jersey for team owner Mark Davis. A shirtless man posted a [NSFW] video recently where he takes a piece of tape and writes Davis on it, before sticking it to the back of an Oakland Raiders jersey. He proceeds to light the jersey on fire, while offering a NSFW commentary.


"Just want to start off by saying [expletive] the Raiders," the fan said. "[Expletive] Mark Davis. You know we've been loyal to you for so many years. You have been losing year after year and have been terrible. Yeah we still spent our money there in Oakland. And you want to turn your back?"

"I'd rather keep my money in my pocket. I was going to go to Mexico City, but [expletive] I'm going to Cancun," the fan said.

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"This is what I think about the Las Vegas 'Traitors.'"


He then lights the jersey on fire and puts it on a grill before pouring gasoline on top and lighting it up again.

"And that's my last Raider tailgate barbecue right there," he said.

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The fan said he would be selling his season tickets to the highest bidder.

But this fan isn't the only one wounded by the decision. After 31-of-32 NFL owners agreed to the move Monday, fans protested in Oakland and have been vocal about their disapproval.

"It's a sad day. A day that a lot of Raiders fans will never forget," Raiders' fan Donald Waltz told KRON4. "They feel betrayed that loyalty goes out the window the moment loyalty comes into the equation."

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Waltz also told KRON4 that he planned to burn his jersey at Raiders headquarters in Almeda, before being warned not to by a police officer.

Some Raiders fans have chose to support the Miami Dolphins now after Stephen Ross was the only owner to object to the move.

Three NFL franchises have relocated in the last 14 months.


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