Darrelle Revis on Jarvis Landry: He's "usually throwing the first punch"

Alex Butler

MIAMI, Nov. 6 (UPI) -- Nasty scuffles scintillated fans Sunday during the Miami Dolphins' 27-23 win against the New York Jets. And All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis knows who is always in the middle of it.

Although it was Revis' teammate Buster Skrine called for an unnecessary roughness penalty against Jarvis Landry in the contest, Revis claims that it's usually the Dolphins wide receiver who starts the altercations.


"Landry, if you look at him on film and you study him on film, he's usually the one kind of in the middle of a lot of those flags," Revis said after the game. "He's the one that's usually throwing the first punch. He threw a punch and grabbed Buster Skrine's facemask."

Landry drew ire from around the league after illegally hitting Buffalo Bills safety Aaron Williams last month. Williams suffered a concussion and a neck injury, ending his season. The injury is potentially career threatening. Landry was fined $24,309 by the NFL. He also apologized for the hit.

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"That's not how you play football at the end of the day," Revis said about Landry. "I don't know about some of the other ones, because maybe I was on the other side of the field, but a couple times I've said something to the refs. Like 'watch No. 14.' After he makes a catch, he wants to do his extra dancing or whatever he wants to do and they don't call it."

Landry's career is escalating. He has 49 receptions for 605 and one score through eight games for the 4-4 Dolphins. Revis, once hailed as 'Revis Island' and widely known as the league's best cornerback, appears on the decline. Entering Sunday, the Jets' secondary had allowed the second-most yards in the NFL to opposing wide receivers.

Critics are now questioning the seven-time Pro Bowl selection's hustle. Revis was not targeted by Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill Sunday. He allowed 11 catches for 138 yards to the Browns in Week 8.

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"I just don't see the same passion and fire in him," an unnamed scout recently told the New York Daily News.

"I never thought he was top-end fast, but his lack of speed is evident now. He's playing to not get beat over the top."


Revis has a $17 million salary this season for the 3-6 Jets.

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Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin told WFAN radio that Revis is dealing with "confidence issues." "Right now, what he's dealing with is a confidence issue," Irvin told WFAN. "We don't like to think of our great ones as having confidence issues. That's why I was shocked to see some of the things we saw with Tiger Woods after we've seen him master confident for so long. We're shocked to see it."

"We're shocked with Darrelle Revis. Darrelle Revis doesn't even know how to receive what he's going through. It's too late in the season to talk about you're not in shape anymore. Right now, what it is is confidence. You see things. Your minds see it, your body says go do it, but you just don't get there the same way you used to and it affects your confidence."

But Revis, who said the atmosphere on the Hard Rock Stadium field was "very emotional," doesn't flinch at the sharp criticism.

"People say what they want to say and I keep working man. That's what I do," Revis said.


"This is a team sport once and for all," said Revis, 31. "We are a team. It's not tennis. It's not golf. I don't play golf. Darrelle Revis doesn't play golf. We are all in this together. We gotta focus and get back to the drawing board and see where we made mistakes this game and get ready for next week."

The Jets face the Los Angeles Rams at 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 13 at MetLife Stadium.

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