St. Louis Rams fans send 26 orders of poop to owner Stan Kroenke

By Alex Butler  |  Jan. 16, 2016 at 1:51 AM
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ST. LOUIS, Jan. 16 (UPI) -- It's a weird time in St. Louis for football fans.

The Rams will be leaving St. Louis, just as the city lost its team in 1988. Fans have followed the news by leaving jerseys on the stadium gates as they desperately search for another team to love.

But Wednesday, the move became official. St. Louis podcaster Kelly Manno followed the news by following through on a peculiar promise.

Manno said on her podcast 'the Kelly Manno Show' Monday that she would be sending team owner Stan Kroenke a pile of poop.

"St. Louis is pissed off," Manno said on her podcast. "And here's one thing that I have learned about St. Louis through this whole debacle. St. Louis is like having a crazy relative that you can talk bad about — but nobody else can talk bad about them, or you'll kill them. We can trash it all day long, but when Kroenke trashes it, you're getting poop."

"I don't even have that much of a dog in the fight, because I'm not that big a football fan, but I still thought we should send Stan Kroenke some poop," Manno said on the podcast.

Manno made the delivery possible with an order from I Poop You, a "professional poop delivery service. For that special someone."

Manno had no trouble raising money for the order, according to the Riverfront Times. She even had a GoFundMe account, before it was shutdown forcing her to go to PayPal.

Guillermo, who works for the company, told Manno that the company has a variety of cow, pig, horse and chicken poop. The website features options such as: "Cow Chocolate Pudding, Horse Spring-Rolls, Oink-Oink Turds, Chicken Delights, Goat Bites, and Reindeer Droppings."

Manno and other donors were able to purchase 26 orders of poop for $250.

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