Former NFL coach Herm Edwards goes off on selfish players

Alex Butler

BRISTOL, Conn., Dec. 9 (UPI) -- Times have changed in the NFL, but one important narrative has stayed the same for former NFL coach and player Herm Edwards: Team First.

Now an analyst for ESPN, Edwards exploded with passion when asked about recent comments made by Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy and Philadelphia Eagles running back DeMarco Murray. McCoy, a former Eagles player, has had beef with former coach Chip Kelly since being traded last offseason.


McCoy said Wednesday that he wasn't going to shake hands with Kelly when his team kicks off at 1 p.m. Sunday in Philadelphia.

"You ask me, 'Coach, you want to go back and coach?' No, I don't want to coach this," Edwards said on ESPN. "This ain't professional football, man. It ain't about you. It's not about you anymore. The players think it's all about them. It ain't about them. It's about the game of football, man."

"It hurts me that they put their own identity, their own identity in front of the team. Cause this is a team game, man. It's always been that way. And it's about the guys in your locker room. It's about the guys not having to stand there and ask the question 'You hear what Shady said about your coach?' They ain't talking about football! They're talking about nonsense!"


Edwards compiled a 54-74 record, coaching eight seasons for the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs.

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