Spurs' Rudy Gay completes devastating dunk vs. Warriors

Alex Butler

Nov. 19 (UPI) -- Rudy Gay jostled the Golden State Warriors with a dramatic right-handed dunk during the San Antonio Spurs' win against the reigning NBA Finals champions.

The high-flying flush came in the first quarter of the Spurs' 104-92 victory on Sunday at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. The Spurs led 29-23 when Gay received a batted-back ball during a Spurs offensive rebound. He immediately charged at the rim from beyond the 3-point line, carving into the paint before elevating toward the rim.


Gay came up on Warriors center Damian Jones, but it didn't matter. Gay disregarded the 7-footer and slammed the ball forward in his right hand, finishing the powerful dunk over Jones' head.

Gay had 19 points in the win.

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