John Wall: Washington Wizards PG embarrasses comedian with crossover at Ludacris' charity game

Alex Butler

Sept. 5 (UPI) -- Comedian Lil Duval found out how hard it is to guard John Wall this week at Ludacris' charity basketball game in Atlanta.

The All-Star Washington Wizards point guard took a drive against the 5-foot-2 defender in the game that Lil Duval will remember forever. Lil Duval posted up at the top of the key before Wall jabbed in. The Wizards star then crossed over and stepped back with a lightning step.


Lil Duval went flying toward the hoop and fell on the floor. Wall then ran full speed toward the hoop and threw down a big dunk.

The game occurred Sunday at Morehouse Forbes Arena.

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"If you see a video of me online at the Ludacris basketball game just know it's photoshopped," Lil Duval tweeted.

Wall responded with an "lol" to the tweet.

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant also chimed in on the performance.


"haaa man that snatch back was viscous," Durant tweeted.

"John fast as [expletive] so he stop on the dime and it's over. I can't do that, I got the mini snatch lol," Durant added.

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Another Twitter user wrote that Lil Duval's knee is probably burnt.

"Bernie Sanders," Durant tweeted in response.

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Lil Duval didn't seem to be appreciating the attention he was getting from the crossover. He posted a photo from the movie Above the Rim, featuring one of the characters bringing a gun to a basketball court.

"Woke up feeling like....." Duval tweeted.

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