Someone created Barack Obama as playable on NBA 2K and it's amazing

Alex Butler

Feb. 10 (UPI) -- Michael Jordan might have made his best transaction yet as owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

President Barack Obama is dunking all over the New York Knicks and other opponents as a member of the Hornets in a video made by NykeFaller. The user created Obama in NBA 2K17's MyCareer player. Now users can play with Obama in the game's single player mode.


Obama also dabs and does James Harden celebrations after displaying some next level levitation.

Many in the Twitterverse questioned why Obama wasn't a member of his hometown Chicago Bulls or Washington Wizards. It could stem from when Obama awarded Jordan with a Presidential Medal of Freedom in November. Maybe the two struck an offseason deal? One can only wonder now if 'His Airness' will return to the court to make a 'Big 3' with the POTUS 44 and Kemba Walker.

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The 2K version of Obama sports Jordan's, obviously, and has sick handles. In NykeFaller's YouTube introduction to the character, Obama details how he prepared and trained for an NBA career at 55-years-old.


After schooling his opponents, Obama takes some time to do a postgame interview with Shaquille O'Neil, detailing his tomahawk slams and windmills.

"Hello fellow ballers," 2K Obama says in NykeFaller's YouTube video. "Most of you know me as the President of the United States of America. But I am no longer. And for that reason, it's time for me to pursue my true passion, basketball. Now you see, the White House staff only showed you when I got buckets...never the misses. But in reality, I am not a shooter, maybe 10 percent from the field, tops. But I stayed in shape. I always worked out mornings and evenings in the White House, sometimes pushups between meetings in the oval office. I may not be able to swish that basketball, but I'm 6-foot-1 and athletic. So if there is one thing I can still do, then it's this."

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While in office, Obama often remarked about his affection for basketball. He played pickup games at his home court, sat court-side at several college and NBA contests, and even picked an annual March Madness bracket.

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