NBA, Adidas unveil bland final-year All-Star jerseys

By Alex Butler

NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 6 (UPI) -- Some call it a classic look, while others say the NBA's new All-Star jerseys are boring.

The NBA unveiled the jerseys for the Feb. 19 game on Thursday, to mixed reviews on social media.


West All-Stars will sport charcoal-gray jerseys with red numbers and gold trim. East players will wear light gray jerseys with blue numbers and white trim. The jerseys include an Adidas logo on the upper right chest and a KIA logo on the right chest.

In April, the NBA agreed to a three-year deal to let teams sell advertisement spots on its uniforms.

New Orleans will host the game for the third time since 2008, after the game was moved from Charlotte, N.C. The move was made due to North Carolina's controversial House Bill 2. That law limits anti-discrimination protections for LGBT individuals.

In 2015, the NBA announced that it signed an apparel deal with Nike, set to begin for the 2017-2018 season. The eight-year pact is worth about $1 billion. Adidas announced in March that it would not seek to extend its 11-year deal with the NBA. Reebok had the contract prior to Adidas taking the reigns in 2006.


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