Faked or Fooled: Clippers' Chris Paul puts hesitation on Jazz's Rudy Gobert

Alex Butler

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 26 (UPI) -- To the naked eye it appeared that Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul juked Utah's Rudy Gobert out of his shoes.

On closer inspection, Paul looks to have pushed off on the Jazz's "Stifle Tower."


The Saint-Quentin, France product took the assignment of Paul at the top of the key Wednesday, while the guard penetrated, then stepped back and sent him to the floor with a hesitation move. Paul then splashed in a jumper. The Clippers would lose the game 102-91, for its fourth loss in five games.

After the game, many social media users posted screenshots of the Paul move, showing Paul's fist hit Gobert below the belt. The hit could have been what sent an already backpedaling Gobert to the floor.

Gobert, 23, retweeted one fan who showed a picture of Paul hitting him to the floor. The big man had 10 points, 11 rebounds, two assists and two blocks in the victory.

Paul had 24 points, eight assists and five rebounds in the loss.

"We have to start winning now, but we've got to fix it, because it is not right," Paul told reporters after the game. "It is not fair to our fans, because we know we are better than this. We have never been like this, so we've got to fix it."

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