Kris Bryant pretends to be pizza guy, pranks fantasy league

By Alex Butler
Kris Bryant pretends to be pizza guy, pranks fantasy league
Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant dresses up as a pizza guy before pranking a fantasy baseball league. Photo by Lear Miller.

March 27 (UPI) -- Chicago Cubs star -- and prankster -- Kris Bryant was at it again recently, fooling fans by dressing up as a pizza guy.

Bryant pulled off his latest gimmick for Red Bull. He pretended to be a delivery driver who worked for Kristio's Pizza & Wings.


The Cubs third baseman put on some makeup, hair extensions, a mustache and some glasses.

Bryant brings plenty of pizza puns, saying he calls his oven "the hot corner" and that he has three deliveries in a row, or a "triple-header."

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He jumped in an old car and drove to a condo, where a group of men were doing their fantasy baseball draft.

They were being filmed under the guise of a documentary on fantasy baseball.

"What kinda people fall for, 'yeah, we're going to film a documentary on fantasy baseball?' Those are the definitely the people that are going to fall for me being a pizza delivery guy."

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A few of the guys in the league said they are big Bryant fans. One of the team owners, named Cole, actually named his son Bryant and picked the Cubs' star player with the No. 5 overall pick in the draft.


Bryant stood in the kitchen, ignored by the guys drafting while he set up the pizza and handed out Red Bull cans with his face on them. One of the guys mentioned Bryant, and the 2016 National League MVP replied: "that guy's good."

"You guys have no clue," Bryant said.

The men sat in front of their computers, analyzing statistics without a clue about who was standing in the same room.

"Who picked me?" Bryant eventually asked.

He then ripped off his fake hair to reveal himself. He also signed the league trophy.

The Cubs superstar previously pulled off a prank last year, he pretended to be a transfer onto the Mesa Community College baseball team. He was also pranked himself in November, when pitching legend Greg Maddux pretended to be a broadcast 'sound man,' carrying around his boom stick, until he decided to step in and throw batting practice to Bryant.

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