Lou Holtz caught carrying Crown Royal bottle at RNC

By Alex Butler

CLEVELAND, July 19 (UPI) -- His May 2 endorsement of Donald Trump might have been an indication of his desire to attend Monday's Republican National Convention, but it was slightly shocking to see Lou Holtz wielding a bottle of Crown Royal at the event.

The legendary Notre Dame football coach announced his support for the Republican presidential nominee in a video a day before the Indiana primary. Trump tweeted the video of Holtz pledging his support. Trump has also receiving praise from former Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight, among other sports legends.


"The main reason I'm endorsing him, I've played on his golf course, I've stayed in his hotel," Holtz said in the video. "He does nothing but go first-class in everything. He wants this country to be first-class, as well."

ABC News White House reporter John R. Parkinson took the photo of Holtz carrying the Crown Royal purple bag.


Holtz left his job as an ESPN analyst last year. He held a 249-132-7 record as a college football coach for Notre Dame, South Carolina, William & Mary, North Carolina State, Arkansas and Minnesota. He won the 1988 national title at Notre Dame. In one season as New York Jets head coach, Holtz held a 3-10 record.

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