Sister Jean says God is probably more of a fan of NCAA than NBA

By Alex Butler

March 30 (UPI) -- Loyola's Sister Jean spoke to media members Friday and said she thinks God favors NCAA basketball over the NBA.

Jean Dolores-Schmidt, or Sister Jean, is the 98-year-old chaplain for the Loyola-Chicago basketball team. She goes to all of the Ramblers' games and even fills the team in with scouting reports.


She has quickly taken over the 2018 Division I NCAA men's basketball tournament and is now featured on everything from socks to bobbleheads.

During her most recent news conference, Sister Jean was asked if God was a basketball fan.

"He probably is," she told reporters. "And he's probably more of a fan of the NCAA than the NBA. I'll wager that your viewer audience is very large this time. And if you compare to the NBA when they're playing, it'll be different. And I say that because these young people are playing with their hearts and not for any financial assistance."

The Hades-hot take prompted some laughter from the crowd and plenty of disagreement from "NBA Twitter."

Sister Jean's 11th-seeded Ramblers take on Michigan at 6:09 p.m. Saturday in a Final Four matchup at the Alamodome in San Antonio.


The Ramblers' chaplain said it is a "real challenge" to balance holiday events this weekend, including Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Should Loyola beat Michigan, the Ramblers would face either Villanova or Kansas in the National Championship game at 9:20 p.m. Monday in San Antonio.

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