Watch: Tom Crean getting tackled is epitome of Indiana basketball season

By Alex Butler

Feb. 13 (UPI) -- A hoop-and-the-harm took a different meaning Sunday, after Moritz Wagner hit a 3-pointer in Michigan's 75-63 win against Indiana in Bloomington.

With four minutes remaining in the first half, Wagner put the Wolverines up 33-20. He elevated for the 3-point attempt, before sinking it and falling back onto the Hoosiers' bench. Unfortunately for Tom Crean, he was in Moritz's path. Crean took a tumble into the Assembly Hall scorer's table during the play.


Crean laid into his team following the loss.

"I've never coached a team with this lack of maturity when it comes to being able to respond and rebound from when things are going well for them personally," Crean said on his postgame show on the Learfield Sports Network. "And that includes my teams I had that won six and 10 games. So I've got to do a much better job. Because we don't respond, and then our communication breaks down, and it's not even close."

The Hoosiers have lost five of its last six games.

"But at some point in time the window's gotta crack and we're going to have a little bit real leadership during the game. And at some point in time we're going to communicate," Crean said in his postgame comments.


"I know a lot of you have fun with those signs, and that's fine. I can wear a lot -- I took the (Moritz) Wagner hit. Guy jumped right up. I hope I get some credit for that. Didn't even bat an eye."

"But I'm trying to be proactive, and I'm not shirking responsibility one iota. It falls on me. One thing I've learned in nine years, it all falls on me. But the bottom line is that we've got to do something to get communication up."

The Hoosiers [15-11] are 0-2 against the Wolverines [16-9] this season. Crean's crew battles Minnesota at 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Williams Arena in Minneapolis.

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