Bald eagle, osprey fight for fish in college baseball outfield

By Alex Butler

Feb. 25 (UPI) -- A bald eagle forced an osprey to lose possession of a dead fish from its claws in the outfield during a college baseball game in Jacksonville, Fla.

The circle of life sequence occurred in top of the eighth inning of Jacksonville University's 5-2 win against Jacksonville State on Saturday at John Sessions Stadium.


Jacksonville University led 4-2 in the frame when Jacksonville University's Tre Kirklin stepped to the plate. Kirklin noticed the birds flying overhead and slowly backed away from the plate. An osprey dropped a fish in right center field as it was being chased by an eagle.

The eagle then circled overhead as the osprey flew away. Jacksonville University outfielder Connor Stephens ran out of the dugout and scooped up the fish with a towel, allowing play to continue.

"FISH DELAY," Jacksonville Baseball tweeted. "An osprey just flew over John Sessions with a fish in his claws, but was threatened by a pursuing bald eagle, causing the osprey to drop the fish behind second base [error]."

"The fish was recovered by a Dolphin and removed from the field. Can't make this up folks."

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