Conor McGregor: UFC star obsessed with $480M yacht owned by Russian billionaire

By Alex Butler
Conor McGregor: UFC star obsessed with $480M yacht owned by Russian billionaire
Conor McGregor posted several photos of Sailing Yacht A Tuesday on his instagram account. Photo courtesy of Conor McGregor/Instagram

Sept. 14 (UPI) -- MMA star Conor McGregor spotted a humungous yacht this week while lounging in the Mediterranean Sea.

McGregor has been enjoying his time off since losing his boxing super-bout against Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas. He has spent most of the time with his family, including Conor McGregor Jr.


While most of his Instagram posts have been about his lavish lifestyle and baby boy, McGregor has recently been awed by a mega yacht owned by Russian billionaire Andrey MeInichenko.

"The 360 million dollar "sailing yacht A" pulls up out the back garden this morning . "Sailing yacht A" its called," McGregor posted on Instagram Tuesday, along with a photo of the massive vessel.

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"That's how you know the owner doesn't need to give a bollox about anything. Sailing yacht A. Most expensive sailing yacht in the world. 360mill. Owned by a Russian billionaire. Google it. Crazy!"

A Google search results in finding out that the yacht is one of the biggest - and priciest - boats in the world.

McGregor jumped on a jet ski for a closer look.

"Quick scope of it before I depart like a pirate," McGregor wrote on Instagram Tuesday, while looking through a scope.

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"To an even bigger yoke," he wrote on the next photo.

He then took some amazing photos, capturing the size of the vessel from multiple angles.

"Zoom in little super boat comes out the side camouflaged with the yacht like something out of a bond film. Can't believe this just pull up," McGregor wrote on Instagram.

McGregor later posted a photo of himself speeding away from the impressive yacht.

"That was a mad scene," he wrote. "I only posted "race to the next yacht" two days ago and then this one pulls up right out my back garden. The biggest one of all. This is an eye opening level of opulence to witness first hand. To me, it is truly motivating. I'm starting to think I don't have a wealth belly just yet. I'm more just rich fat now. I must keep eating. I wonder if my lunch is ready. Happy Tuesday."

Sailing Yacht A was built by Nobiskrug and designed by Philippe Starck, according to It has a crew of 54 according to the website. The yacht measures out at 142 meters, or 468 feet.

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McGregor, 29, was worth about $34 million before fighting Mayweather, according to Forbes. Celebrity Net Worth now estimates his net worth as $85 million.

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