UFC fighter takes on Islamic State, re-enlists with Green Berets

By Alex Butler
UFC fighter Tim Kennedy. Photo courtesy of Tim Kennedy/Instagram
UFC fighter Tim Kennedy. Photo courtesy of Tim Kennedy/Instagram

April 17 (UPI) -- Tim Kennedy hasn't fought in the Octagon since his December loss to Kevin Gastelum. But he's ready to fight the Islamic State.

The 37-year-old UFC fighter has said as much lately on social media.


"Dear ISIS," Kennedy wrote last week on Instagram. "If you are lucky enough to kill a Special Forces operator, the possibility of us dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever made on you should be the least of your concerns. There is a vengeance and wrath associated with the loss of one of our brothers. May God have mercy on your soul because we are coming and we will have none to give.

"Sincerely, The U.S. Military"

The caption for the Instagram post features Kennedy wearing an armored vest as he holds a knife while screaming.

According to his official website, Kennedy is "an active, Ranger qualified, Green Beret, special forces sniper with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other locations around the globe."

Kennedy enlisted in 2003 and was awarded his Green Beret in 2005. He is assigned to special operations detachment as a senior Special Forces weapons sergeant.


"They're a bunch of cowards," Kennedy told Fox News Sunday about IS. "They are a bunch of pathetic humans that have no similarities to any of the things that we value or love like human life. They prey on the weak, they prey on the helpless, whereas we are the protector of those. The stark contrast between us...I don't understand how they even exist and how they are the same species. So when they go and kill one of my brothers, they gotta know that the biggest bomb ever built is the least of their concerns."

He re-enlisted after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Kennedy's Facebook personal interests include: "Family. Watches. Cooking. Beating people up. Shooting things from very far away. Shooting things not as far away. Shooting things very close to him."

Last year Kennedy said he spoke to the FBI about IS.

"Just spoke with the FBI regarding some recent credible threats towards me by #ISIS They were not overly thrilled with my response...Let those cowards come," Kennedy wrote on social media.

Kennedy is 18-6-0 in the Octagon, fighting in the middleweight class.

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