NHL proposes 50-50 revenue split

TORONTO, Oct. 16 (UPI) -- The National Hockey League offered locked-out players a new proposal Tuesday, designed to provide a 50-50 split of revenues and a Nov. 2 start to the season.

Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the proposal after he and Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly held an hourlong meeting with National Hockey League Players Association Executive Director Don Fehr and Special Counsel Steve Fehr in Toronto, the NHL website reported Tuesday.


The offer splits hockey-related revenue 50-50 between teams and player salaries, and is contingent on a full, 82-game season being played, beginning Nov. 2, Bettman said, noting the League is not seeking a rollback in player salaries.

Fehr agreed it would be beneficial to play a full season, but otherwise said, "We are not in a position to make any comments about it beyond that at this point."

The league has already canceled regular-season games scheduled to be played from Oct. 11-24.

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