No talks on tap, NHL lockout looms

NEW YORK, Sept. 15 (UPI) -- The National Hockey League appeared headed for a lockout Saturday as a midnight deadline for a new collective bargaining agreement approached.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said no negotiation sessions with the players union were scheduled before the 12 a.m. EDT Sunday expiration of the current labor deal, after which owners have promised to lock players out of training camps, reported.


"We spoke today and determined that there was no point in convening a formal bargaining session in light of the fact that neither side is in a position to move off of its last proposal," Daly told the website. "I'm sure we will keep in touch in the coming days and schedule meetings to the extent they might be useful or appropriate.

"We are sorry for where we are. Not what we hoped or expected."

Players receive 57 percent of the overall gross revenues under the current deal, which owners are looking to slash to 43 percent.

The National Hockey League Players Association, meanwhile, isn't proposing any pay cuts and instead is seeking expand the league's revenue-sharing pool to aid financially troubled teams and to limit future salary increases, The (Toronto) Globe and Mail reported.


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