McNair estate billed for killer's car

NASHVILLE, Oct. 8 (UPI) -- The estate of former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair has been asked to pay off the car he bought for the woman who killed him.

The Old Hickory Credit Union filed a claim for $43,000, The Nashville Tennessean reported. The credit union says that is the outstanding balance on a Cadillac Escalade jointly owned by McNair and Sahel Kazemi, plus towing, storage and lawyer's fees.


The bodies of McNair and Kazemi were found July 4 in a downtown Nashville apartment. Investigators say Kazemi, 23, shot McNair and then took her own life.

The Escalade was registered jointly to McNair and Kazemi.

McNair, who had opened a Nashville restaurant shortly before his death, left an estate of about $19.6 million and no will. Claims against it have come from a credit card company and from two children he fathered before his marriage. Michelle McNair, the quarterback's widow, is reportedly disputing a claim for rent owed on an apartment in Nashville on the grounds that her husband signed a co-signer form but not the lease.

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